Our Consultants

Capitalising your savings in a safe-haven asset is easy when you rely on a professional. Our consultants have many years of experience in the investment sector and regularly participate in seminars and advanced training courses with gemmologists and economists, to ensure they keep abreast of developments in the safe-haven assets industry. We believe a lot in internal training and team cohesion that allows us to build a relationship of trust with clients.
The consultant supports the investor in the analysis of the portfolio and his or her needs by explaining all the most appropriate solutions according to the risk appetite and the timing of the investment. Here are some consultants from the Diamanti Italia team.

Our Clients

Investors who trust in Diamanti Italia seek protection for their savings from financial market uncertainties and decorrelation from their performance. They think about the future of their family and how to pass on their heritage to their heirs. Our clients need to differentiate their portfolio by dedicating 10–15% of their assets to investments in safe-haven assets. These solutions are not speculative but defensive, in the medium-long term, suitable for inheritance bequests or the pledging of liquid capital, for example from the sale of a property or severance indemnity.