Ancillary Services for Investments


All investors periodically receive a report on the investment trends, with an indication of the latest market price of the assets they own.

Custodian Services

To guarantee maximum peace of mind Diamanti Italia offers the service of safekeeping of the goods in the company's vaults, at a low cost. An external service is also available at the Malca-Amit vaults, one of the most authoritative companies specialising in the storage and transport of valuables, with offices all over the world.

Diamond Laser Engraving

You can personalise the diamonds with a small laser engraving. This original paid service makes the stone unique, perfect to be donated or as a legacy. Laser engraving is shallow and removable so it does not cause any damage or alter the beauty and value of the diamond.

Divestment Splitting

It is possible to disinvest even a part of the investment. If an investment of diamonds includes 2 or more stones, it is possible to proceed with the disposal of one or more of them, keeping the investment with the rest. The same procedure can be pursued with gold. One ingot can be converted into several ingots of lower weight, allowing only part of the ingot to be liquidated.